The project concentrates upon the protection and preservation of archaeological heritage, especially in the project area. The activities in field archaeology include archaeological field inventories of border areas, carried out by local and international teams, and rescue excavations of damaged and threatened sites. Attention is paid to the improvement of preservation conditions and conservation
of finds, and to exhibiting archaeological materials to the public. Some international archaeological databases of the border areas will be created. Important activities are information days and schoolings for municipalities, schools, teachers, students and public. The project has a broad publishing
programme: in all 5 books, a series of project booklets (in all 21 volumes), a new popular journal on archaeology and a large number of small printed matters will be issued. 6 new tourist routes involving archaeological sites will be developed. The project activities include also management of the project and dissemination of information about its results. In great lines, the Partners organize similar
activities in all countries.

To grant the sustainability of Estonian-Latvian-Russian cross-border co-operation in the field of archaeology, during the project a new information and resource centre „Cross-border Archaeological Heritage Protection Network“ will be developed with its centre in Pskov.