Activity Package 2

Information and visibility

The strategic focus of this AP is on the external and internal visibility of the project activities, i.e. both for the broader audience and among the partners. Its aim is to inform publicity about project activities and to involve them, but also to popularize archaeology, considering the needs and ideas of heritage protection. Internally AP 2 involves the project home page (with 4 related databases and GIS-application), newsletter and e-mail list. The web page will be designed on the basis of principles agreed on a special seminar. It enables every partner himself to insert his data and news there.


The main outcome is the project web page (in 3 national languages + English; linked to partner’s home pages and archaeology home pages of 3 countries). The home page will be linked with 4 databases, made especially for the project area with commons structure for all countries:

1) archaeological sites,

2) find collections,

3) field work and excavation reports,

4) archaeological bibliography.

A GIS-application for spatial presenting of these data will be made. These databases can be used by heritage protection state authorities and by municipalities (for planning purposes) and partly also for publicity.

There will be, beside main seminars, workshops for planning the home page and databases’ GIS-application. In all 108 newspaper and popular journal articles will be published (9 partners x 4 x 3 years = 108) and 72 presentations in radio and TV (9 partners x 2-3 events per year x 3 years). After “real” methodical seminars there will be a press conference. There will be 6 press tours (2 per country).


As a result of AP 2 the awareness of people concerning archaeological heritage considerably increases. In press tours 6 x 20 = 120 people are estimated to participate. The indirect target group – the whole population of border-related areas, including the towns of Pskov and Tartu, is ca. 510 000 (Est: 200 000; Lat: 35 000, Rus: 275 000) people, but when considering that media and internet are available more broadly, the total number of people potentially involved might be ca 1.5 million Latvia, 1 million in Estonia, and ca. 680 000 in the Pskov Government. In addition, the potential visitors of the web page are the inhabitants of St. Petersburg and Riga.

Long-term impact:

AP 2 will considerably in crease the awareness of publicity about the course of the project and of the importance of archaeological heritage. Since the young generation is one of main target groups, the activities have a long-term impact. The increased awareness of people about the values of cultural heritage will contribute to its preservation and consequently, also increase the potential of the region as tourism destination. The databases can be developed further on also after the end of the project. The long-term impact of information and visibility activities is, in fact, even broader than the project areas.