Estonian-Russian archaeology seminar

10th – 12th October 2013, a student seminar on archaeology took place in Tartu. There were performers from Pskov, Gdov, Velikie Luki, , Sankt-Peterburg and Tartu. All of the students presented their current research topics and newest results. All in all, there were 19 different performances and short discussions. During the seminar, the students had the possibility to get to know others’ research topics, ask questions and commingle.

The three-day official  event was closed with a round table to discuss further co-operation between Estonian and Russian students. Noting the success of previous student seminars, it was decided to have one more seminar in autumn 2014. Also, in order to share field-work experience and technical knowledge, emerged a plan to organise a field seminar. The week-long seminar is planned to take place in summer 2014, but details about the event are still open.

The seminar in Tartu included two field trips: one to archaeological places near Otepää and other to some hill-forts and graves in Võrumaa.

 Anu Kivirüüt

University of Tartu