Horse riders from Marinu

Two small figurines of a horse rider were discovered in the Marinu village, Viru-Nigula local authority in the Lääne-Virumaa County.  The finds were discovered with the help of a metal detector; upon making the discovery the finder contacted the National Heritage Board. Ingmar Noorlaid, specialist of the National Heritage Board, inspected the site on January 3 2013.

The find site is situated on the Paepõllu property in the village of Marinu. The site was on a slightly higher area of the surrounding field.  Inspection of the site also revealed a cup-marked stone that so far had not been known.

One of the two figurines has been completely preserved but only a fragment has survived from the other.  A similar figurine was discovered in 1913, also in Viru-Nigula. The site, Ranna village, is located only six kilometres north of the Marinu village where the present discovery was made.

Ingmar Noorlaid

National Heritage Board