Project news

New Tutulus has arrived

This year’s popular archaeology magazine Tutulus has been printed and can be found attached to magazine Horisont (1/2014). Tutulus is filled with recent stories about Estonian archaeology and the doings of archaeologists. In addition to news stories and features, some reviews will be given and there is a children’s page and a crossword!

Also, the web page of Tutulus has been completed, as well. Now there is no need to wait anxiously for next years’ first Horisont to read new stories about Estonian archaeology. The web page is constantly renewed, therefore do not forget to have a glimpse every now and then!

Archaeology course in Põlva Ühisgümnaasium

Põlva Ühisgümnaasium is one of the two schools where archaeology is in the list of voluntary alternative subjects. The Archaeology tutor is Liia Vijand, the teacher of History and Social Studies who has also studied archaeology. Delightfully, the amount of students who have chosen to take the Archaeology course is rather large.

During the course, the everyday life of archaeologists is explained with the emphasis on the work that is done outside the excavation season. The students of the course have a day trip to the archaeology cabinet in Tartu University every year to see and talk to the archaeologists in their workplaces. Sometimes, archaeologists go and visit the students to give insight to their research subjects.

On January 8th, Viire Kobrusepp visited the school and gave a talk about experimental archaeology and the experiment she conducted in Rõuge. Surprisingly, the historiography of experimental archaeology was considered very exciting and interested the students more than ever this time. Several students who had not chosen the Archaeology course, had come to listen to the talk, too. Therefore, we may believe that Põlva Ühisgümnaasium is a place with many bright young people who care about the archaeological heritage and are motivated to know more about it.



Seminar on ancient jewellery in Aluksne

On January 15, pupils from Aluksnes district participated in a seminar in the ancient jewellery forge. The seminar was organized for the pupils with an active interest and understanding of history.

The jeweller Daumants Kalnins emphasized that his task is to show antiques in appearance as they were when they were made and worn. To do so, he has carefully studied many ancient artefacts, looked for the manufacturing techniques, found out their wearing tradition and meaning. In order to understand the story of ancient jewellery, he has also studied folklore and ancient principles of magic.

In addition, jeweller provided an opportunity to dress up as ancient Latgalian woman in an honor dress and jewellery set and presented different ornaments and artefacts.