National Heritage board

The National Heritage Board of Estonia is a government body established in July 1993.

The NHB is affiliated to the Ministry of Culture. It is charged with the direction of conservation activity and state supervision, identification and protection of properties and objects of cultural value and maintaining records of state cultural monuments.

The National Heritage Board (Partner No 2), in the framework of the joint co-operation project „Archaeology, Authority and Community“ between Estonia, Latvia and Russia, aims at promoting knowledge about archaeology among property owners and the general public.  Significant attention is paid to raising the awareness of people using metal detectors and to fostering co-operation with people who take an interest in archaeology and prehistory.  The National Heritage Board actively participates in identifying new archaeological monuments and is involved with supervising and monitoring work on monuments on a regular basis.  One of the main objectives of the project work is to determine the borders of archaeological monuments and explain possible restrictions and tax relieves to the owners of monuments, also advising owners and managers of archaeological sites on a regular basis.

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