The Institute of Latvian History

The Institute of Latvian History was founded in1936. The Institute has continued to function under various names from that time right up to the present day. In 2006 the Institute became the Agency of the University of Latvia “Institute of Latvian History at the University of Latvia”.

Major research fields of the Institute include the prehistory of Latvia, ethnic and cultural history of the inhabitants of Latvia in prehistory and medieval times, ethnic history of the Baltic States, 20th century history of Latvia, traditional life ways and customs of the inhabitants of Latvia; culture-historical studies on Riga; bioarchaeology; palaeodemography; dendrochronology.

The main research units at the Institute are the Department of Archeology, Department of Bioarhaeology, Department of Ethnology, Department of Medieval and Modern history, Department of Research on Soviet and Nazi Regimes. A significant part of the academic activities is the maintenance at the Repository of Archeological Material, Repository of Ethnographic Material, Repository of Bioarcheological Material and Dendrochronological Laboratory.

On the 1st of January 2012, the Institute had a staff of 59, including 32 doctors and 2 habilitated doctors.







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