The activities of the project  Archaeology, Authority and Community concentrate upon the border areas of Estonia, Latvia and Russia.

In Estonia the activities take place mainly in south-eastern and eastern part of the country (historical Tartumaa,  Võrumaa and Setomaa counties; present-day Jõgeva, Tartu, Põlva, Võru and Valga counties). The lead partner is located in Tartu.

In Latvia the project concerns mainly Aluksne and Ludza municipalities in eastern Latvia that represent, correspondingly, Vidzeme and Latgale regions. The biggest of the Latvian partners is located in Riga City.

In Russia the project activities take place mainly in Pskov region, concentrating on the border areas. All three partner organizations and one Associate partner are from Pskov. There is one associate partner from Gdov and one from St. Petersburg City and Leningrad region.

An area of cooperation between partners is Setomaa or historical Pechory district. This region, presently divided between Estonia  and Russia, has historical contacts in both directions but its southern part also had a Latvian population.