The closing conference of the project “Archaeology, Authority and Community: cooperation to protect archaeological heritage”

The closing conference “The results of the project: “Archaeology, Authority and Community: cooperation to protect archaeological heritage” and prospects for the development of this cooperation” will be held in Pskov on December 1-3, 2014. г.

The sessions of the project’s conference will be held on December 1, 2014 in the conference hall of “Dvor Podznoyeva” hotel, located in Nekrasova Street 3В and on December 2-3, 2014 in the conference room of the Archaeological Center of the Pskov Region, in Gertsena Street 1/1.

The closing conference is dedicated to the results of the implementation of the project, which was started on May 1, 2012 and will be completed on December 31, 2014. The project focuses on the preservation of archaeological heritage in the cross-border region, on developing cross-border cooperation in this field and on raising awareness of people about archaeological heritage.

“The project: “Archaeology, Authority and Community: cooperation to protect archaeological heritage” unites under the supervision of The University of Tartu (Estonia) nine partner organizations from three countries: Estonia – National Heritage Board; (Non-Profit Association) Archaeological Centre; Latvia – Institute of Latvian History; Ludza Municipality; Alūksne Municipality; Russia – The Archaeological Centre of the Pskov Region; The Independent non-profit organization “Pskov Archaeological Centre”; Pskov State Historical-Architectural and Fine Arts Museum-Reserve.

Three more associated organizations are involved in the project on the Russian side: State Committee of the Pskov Region on the Preservation of Objects of Cultural Heritage, Institute for the History of Material Culture of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Gdov Local Lore Museum.

Final reports on the project’s results in Estonia, Latvia and Russia will be made on the first conference day. On this day a press-conference will be held and an exhibition-presentation of materials which visualize the project will be organized. It will also be announced about the beginning of the work of “Cross-border Archaeological Heritage Protection Network”.

On the second conference day reports will be made, dedicated to the main activities of the project: the results of the rescue excavations and archaeological field inventories of border areas of Estonia, Latvia and Russia; the results of the evaluation of the condition of archaeological collections and a lot more.

The third conference day will be dedicated to planning the main events in the framework of Cross-border Archaeological Heritage Protection Network activities and to the questions of regulatory support in the sphere of archaeological heritage preservation.

At the end of the conference excursions for the project partners from Estonia and Latvia will be orginized.