Activity Package 1

Management and coordination

The strategic focus of this AP is to ensure day-to-day work of the project at “grass root level” and to construct a working and sustainable cooperation network. Its aim is to create both institutional and personal contacts between partners from 3 countries. This package is a foundation to all other packages, i.e. for the whole project. Its activities are common forum for all participants for disseminating gained experience among all the project members.


1) Steering Group meetings (13; 4 x per year + 1 final);
2) Steering Committee and coordinators’ working meetings (6; 2 x per year);
3) methodical seminars 6: 2 x per year; 2 people from each partner (3 as video conferences);
4) participation in 2 EANP conferences (Steering Group members);
5) preparing and distributing the Information Newsletter (after seminars; i e. 6 issues);
6) “institutional part” of project’s web page,
7) mailing lists of: a) all project partners; b) project partners of all 3 countries


This AP gives the partners practical experience in cross-border cooperation and partnership, in organizing and logistics of meetings and seminars, network activities. The number of persons trained as coordinators and their assistants, i.e. who gain practical experience of organizing cross-border activities, will be at least 25. 12 institutions get new cross-border contacts. In the frameworks of the project an internal cooperation network will be organized, with sub-units in each partner country. Also students (Tartu, Pskov) will get organizing experience. The partners’ representatives in coordinating activities (at least 20 people) get also
skilled in practicing English.