The project „Archaeology, Authority and Community“ involves institutions of different character. It is being carried out in the co-operation of academic institutions (University of Tartu;  The Institute of Latvian History), heritage protection and preservation authorities (National Heritage board of Estonia; Archaeological Center of Pskov region), museums (Pskov State Historical-Architectural and Art Museum-reserve), non-profit organiations (Pskov archaeological Centre;  Non-Profit Association Archaeological Center) and local municipalities ( Aluksne and Ludza municipality).

The Lead Partner of the project and co-ordinator of the project activities in Estonia is the University of Tartu. In Latvia the project activities are co-ordinated by the Institute of Latvian History and in Russia by the Pskov State Historical-Architectural and Art Museum-reserve.

The project has three Associate Partners: 1) the Institute of the History of Material Culture of the Academy of Sciences of the Russian Federation (in St. Petersburg), 2) the Commitee of Culture of Pskov Region and 3) Gdov Museum.