Pskov State Historical-Architectural and Art Museum-reserve

Pskov state historical-architectural and art museum-reserve is one of the oldest museums of Russia – in 2011 it is 135 years from the date of its foundation. At statistical committee in 1872 the Archeological commission for organizing the museum was created and the process of gathering exhibits began. The event of opening the museum in Pskov was informed in the newspaper “the Pskov provincial bulletin” of May 8, 1876.

In 1880 the Pskov Archeological Society was created and the museum was passed to it. In 1900 Pogankin chambers of XVII century were passed to Archeological society where after the repair in 1902 the museum was moved.

The Pskov state incorporated historical-architectural and art museum – preserve contains:

  • Pogankin chambers with constant expositions and exhibitions;
  • The Church of the Transfiguration of Our Saviour of Mirozhsky monastery with frescoes of XII century;
  • Prikaznaya chamber with a constant exposition on administration managerial control of XVII century;
  • The museum – apartment of architect – restorer J.P. Spegalskiy;
  • V.I. Lenin’s museum;
  • The branches in the Pskov region.

The Pskov museum – preserve is the keeper of Pskov icon-painting of XIV – XVII centuries, decorative silver of XVI – XIX centuries, pictures of Russian and European artists, applied art, archeological finds, rare books.

The collection of the museum amounts more than 500 thousand exhibits.

The oldest fund of the Pskov museum is archeology fund which started to be formed in XIX century from subjects of olden time and old manuscripts. The most part of subjects comes from the territory of Pskov, and these are mainly materials of archeological excavations. The chronological range of things in the archeology fund is from mesolite to the beginning of XVIII century.

In 1983 the Institute of Archeology of Academy of Science the USSR and the Pskov museum – preserve created the Pskov archeological expedition. As a result of large archaeological researches in Pskov and Pskov region organized by Archaeological Centers (Partner 7 and 8) is an annual updating of archeology funds on the average for 4 thousand new exhibits.

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